Christine Coenen

‘Christine, you helped me to get rid of my fear of selling and showed me that believing in yourself, knowing what you are worth and what you have to offer is a far more successful way to talk to potential customers.’ A bigger compliment than this I could not wish to receive. Mission accomplished!

People will only become successful in sales when they truly enjoy it. It is my passion to inspire and motivate people to experience that sales is fun and has nothing to do with being pushy but everything with helping customers, both internal and external. This will boost their self confidence and therefore their sales! Understanding yourself, reflecting on your behavior and your way of communicating is crucial here.

Since 2002 I am a certified Coach and Sales Trainer. My training and coaching style is often described by participants as motivating, down to earth, lively and with warm humor and a healthy dose of ‘self mockery’. Loving what you do, rings true for me when I train and coach. My many years of sales experience are a true asset here.

In my training and coaching I work with the clarifying DISC method. More understanding, and insight into one’s own behavior and especially mutual understanding in a team is often the valuable outcome of the DISC Analysis. Sales people can improve their communication and their relationship with the customer and sales managers can lead more effectively.

I train companies in the Netherlands and abroad (off-line and online). I speak, English, French, Spanish, German and of course Dutch, my native language. My training programmes are either in Dutch or English. However when I work with individuals I can help them in their native language (unless they speak Chinese, Italian, Portuguese or any other exotic language….).