Don’t want to waste time and get started right away?

Who can benefit from Sales Coaching?
Sales Coaching is suitable for sales managers, (sales) employees or independent entrepreneurs who need:

  • intensive and individual support
  • have a specific question that they immediately want help with
  • do not want to waste time
  • want the best result in the shortest amount of time possible.

How long does it take?
This depends entirely on your specific needs. It’s possible that one hour of coaching, or half a day, is sufficient for you, but it might also require more time. We can discuss this together and then determine which route is most suitable for you personally or for your team.

‘I have had the privilege of being coached by Christine. The process was intensive, confrontational and incredibly instructive. Christine gave me (personal) insights that made me look at sales in a more relaxed manner. It was time well spent. I can wholeheartedly recommend her if you need a boost in your sales skills.
Jasper van Ommen, Relation Manager at Merces BV.

What questions have I used to help clients?

  • Why is it that I do not get the most out of my sales conversations?
  • How do I conduct a structured and relaxed sales conversation?
  • How do I deal with ‘difficult’ customers?
  • How can I get more hot leads and make sure that I don’t have to rely on cold acquisition?
  • How do I conduct a sales conversation that I truly feel comfortable with and that also gives me customers?
  • How do I become a better coach for my sales staff?
  • How can we improve communication within our sales team?
  • How do I design a fun, interactive sales presentation that really sells?

More information about Have Fun Sales Coaching?
Do you want to know if Sales Coaching is the best option for you? Make an appointment with me without any obligations to figure out if I can really help you! Call 31 (06) 24759267 or use the contact button below.