Disc analyse





Have Fun with DISC!

In my training and coaching I work with the clarifying DISC method. More understanding, and insight into one’s own behavior and especially mutual understanding in a team is often the valuable outcome of the DISC Analysis. Sales people can improve their communication and their relationship with the customer and sales managers can lead more effectively.

What do the styles represent?

The DISC analysis indicates:

  • How you deal with problems and challenges
  • How you deal with change
  • What your style of management is
  • How you deal with rules, details and procedures
  • How you deal with conflict
  • How you deal with others and how you influence them.

How does DISC work?

It is very simple. Within ten minutes, you answer online questions at a moment that suits you. Through a personal report, a behavior analysis is presented, including general characteristics, key values for the team, possible limitations, motivation factors, ideal working environment and concise ‘do’s and don’ts in the communication and style of management.

Why would you use DISC?

DISC helps in improving relationships. It promotes the mutual cooperation and performance of (sales) teams and employees.