Who do I work for?

I work with (independent) entrepreneurs, sales managers and (sales)employees. I only work with organisations and entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do and who want to sell in an honest and transparent way and thus contribute to the development of others and organisations in a positive way. Applicable to all these people and companies is that they hold sales discussions and are often in contact with customers, both internal and external.

When they come to me, the following is usually the case:

  • There are new employees in the team who urgently need (sales) training.
  • Temporary support is required for selling their services.
  • They have never done or have never needed to do acquisition because the business proceeded automatically, but those times are over! How will they get customers now?
  • They do not get enough out of their sales calls, the turnover stagnates or falls.
  • They prefer not to do cold acquisition or are afraid to do so.
  • They are confronted with complaints and are not sure how to deal with this.
  • A sales team no longer functions properly, employees are not sufficiently motivated.

What they want is:

  • To learn how they can attract and retain new clients so that sales increase
  • Nice honest and relaxed conversations that result in more clients
  • Do less cold acquisition and more warm acquisition
  • Work in a more customer-oriented fashion
  • Sales employees who can be deployed quickly and achieve results!
  • A motivated sales team that likes to attract and retain customers!

I help organisations to achieve this through coaching, training, also on the job. I work both face to face and online and if needed, on an interim basis. The result is more fun, more clients, more business.

Would you like that too? Contact me by phone: +31 6 247 59 267 or email via the contact button below.