zand verkopen in de woestijn

The born salesman, does he exist, yes or no?
The opinions about this are usually varied. I often hear stories from participants in my training about people they know who can even sell sand to the desert! With that they mean that this person can sell anything to anyone. This may be the case, however, the question is whether that customer is helped by having a pile of sand when he is living in the desert. I do not think so.

Selling is about helping your curstomer
Because selling is not about palming off something, selling is about helping your customer!
So no! The born salesman does absolutely not exist. Selling is a profession that anyone can learn. It is a skill, just like learning how to ride a bike. But not everyone who learns to ride a bike, wins the Tour de France. With selling this is also the case. You can learn it, but if you are to be successful in landing customers there are a few other factors that count:

• Practice makes perfect. Just do it, learn from your mistakes. So push through.
• Learn to deal with setbacks. Not every customer will say yes to you. Do not take this personally. Accept that you will not land all customers.
• Only sell a service that you are committed to and believe in.
• Regularly follow sales training and read books and articles to get inspired. This way you will stay focused and remain sharp.
• Ensure the right mindset!
• Especially be yourself. Selling is not a trick!