Happy customers ensure new customers
A while ago I received an email from an acquaintance with the request to provide sales training for the company where she is currently working! This acquaintance was in a training of mine years ago. Then she was working for a different organisation, but in the same industry. At the time, I had a good connection with her. How great is it that she was able to find me again after such a long time.Happ

The girl next door
But what does this have to do with the girl next door? She is not a girl anymore, but a hardworking woman. 15 years ago, when she was studying for just two years in a city on the other side of the country, she approached me with the question if I would be able to train her and a couple of board members of the student employment agency where she has been working for a year. Of course! For the years since, I have been training each new board with pleasure.

Again a few years later, she has now graduated and recommended me to an old colleague. They contacted me and not too long after that, I am providing sales training for the organisation where he is working at the moment. One of the participants is the woman that sent me an email last week!

2 years later the old colleague of the girl next door approached me again. He has another job….. and yes, his new employer is looking for a sales trainer! This company still hires me for sales coaching!

Treasure your ambassadors
In short, the girl next door has brought me 4 great customers. This shows how important your ambassadors are! ultimately they supply me, every time, with the most customers. And it is even free!
I will send her and other ambassadors an email again to thank them. Treasure your ambassadors, you cannot get better promotion!!