Du to Christine’s workshop my way of selling has changed. ‘In short: Christine’s workshop was great. I had no sales experience and I was having a difficult time until I met Christine. Although I had already received a lot of sales advice, it was only after the one-day workshop with Christine that I really understood the sales tips and was able to see the bigger picture.

During the workshop, subjects such as your mindset and the structure of the sales conversation were discussed, as well as many practical examples on how to respond in certain situations and which questions are best to ask. During the workshop, I not only had a lot of fun, I also experienced a number of ‘aha’ moments that made me realise that I would really change my way of selling and advising. I was immediately able to put that into practice the next day. The result is that I now really have more fun selling our programmes and that I also get better results. I recently also had the pleasure of doing Christine’s online workshop on dealing with complaints. Once again, I was impressed with her workshop and her way of coaching. Many thanks for 2 effective workshops that have helped me tremendously.’

Mareike Perko, Regional Manager EF Education First, Duitsland