Tamara Tropp,
Program Coordinator at Ayusa

Very helpful and a lot of fun

Our team is always eager to learn and improve and Christine provided helpful and effective tools to step up our game! 🙂 Being advisors for international travel programs with a young target group our job can include emotional conversations and crisis management. Christine’s training worked through various tools and strategies aiding us in navigating through difficult conversations and she provided many helpful tips and insights foe successful customer service. Christine customized the content to our company specific needs and catered to our questions and issues to find great solutions.

It was a fantastic training and a lot of fun. Christine is very passionate about her profession and her energy is contagious. Thank you for your great work!

Adrian Bielinski,
Associate Director of Enrollment at Hult IBS

More confident and focused now

I had the chance to participate in a 4 hours live sales training session with Christine a few weeks ago. I am usually not the biggest fan of trainings, to be honest – but I am glad that I attended this one with Christine. She presented a systemic four steps approach to sales to leave nothing in the dark.

We also covered specific examples, handling of objections, participated in role plays, etc. The different exercises done and information received helped me have a more confident and focused approach to my sales calls – for which I am grateful to Christine. Thank you!

Adrian Nagel, Consultant IT Development Frontend dev / PHP dev / UX&UI

The push we needed

The session with Christine inspired and advanced our sales team. The program was perfectly aligned with the current situation and gave us the push we needed to get the most out of a difficult sales phase.

I am very grateful for this! I hope to see you again soon. Highly recommended!

Ellen Petit, Sales Manager EF Education


Christine gave a training to our sales team and they loved it! It was a great boost for team spirit; everyone came back super energized. Christine managed to break down (basic) things in a way that really clicked for the team. When selling an experience like we do, each team member is so much more than ‘just’ a sales consultant. Christine pointed out their different roles in the different stages of the process. This helps them in achieving the results that we as a company would like to see, but way more importantly, it gives them a renewed sense of pride in their job. What they do matters. The way they take charge of their conversations with our students and their parents is amazing. Christine taught them that achieving sales targets and creating an experience of a lifetime for our students is something that can easily go hand in hand. I would absolutely recommend engaging Christine as a trainer for your sales team(s) and I am sure I’ll see her again. Looking forward!

Miranda van der Kooij,
Manager Customer Service de Rolf Groep


‘In last few years our customer service department has followed several training programmes with Christine. She has trained our team in customer contact and in sales. Christine leads her training with a lot of enthusiasm. She engages you with theory and practice all day long. Great to experience that what is learned is really put into practice and is a positive experience! A nice compliment from the team about the sales training: ‘I thought sales was not for me, but I discovered through the training that sales is really my thing! I would like to thank Christine for our very pleasant cooperation and I will use her knowledge and experience again in the near future.’

Ingrid Cayet, CEO Madaga


‘Christine is a gem. She is a great sales woman. She knows her stuff but that is only the tip of the iceberg! Christine is a great coach, an entrepreneur, someone who can motivate people, a joke cracker, a person with a big heart and lots of self reflection.

Christine ‘undersells’ herself when she says she helps entrepreneurs acquire customers. She helps entrepreneurs to build their business and to improve their sales for the long term. She does so with all of her heart and soul and uses all her skills as a Sales Coach. I simply love working with her and will always turn to her for commercial challenges.’

Martina Stuppy, Managing Director E-WISE Germany


‘E-WISE, originally founded in the Netherlands established a new branch in Berlin, Germany in 2015. We delevop and deliver digital education for German professionals. Our target customers are dental professionals, tax advisors, tax lawyers, auditors and their employees. What they all have in common is that they are highly educated, busy and difficult to reach. Because of this we decided that we needed a professional sales trainer and a coach who has a proven track record in B2B customers.

It was a pleasure to work with Christine in various areas from optimizing our sales strategy to develop guide lines for our sales calls and coaching the team members one-to-one. As added bonus Christine speaks excellent German which allowed us to practice sales calls and receive feedback in our native language.’

‘E-WISE, is van oorsprong een Nederlands bedrijf. Sinds 2015 zijn we ook actief in Duitsland. We ontwikkelen en leveren online cursussen voor tandartsen, belangstingadviseurs, advocaten en andere professionals. Doelgroepen die hoogopgeleid zijn, een drukke agenda hebben en moeilijk bereikbaar zijn. Juist daarom hadden wij behoefte aan een verkooptrainer en -coach met veel ervaring.

Het is een plezier om met Christine samen te werken op verschillende vlakken. Christine heeft ons geholpen met het optimaliseren van onze verkoopgesprekken, zowel telefonisch als face-to-face. Niet alleen door training maar ook door te coachen ‘on the job’. Een extra bonus: Christine spreek heel goed Duits. Daardoor konden wij oefenen en feedback ontvangen in onze eigen taal.’

Mareike Perko,
Regional Manager EF Education First, Duitsland



‘In short: Christine’s workshop was great. I had no sales experience and I was having a difficult time until I met Christine. Although I had already received a lot of sales advice, it was only after the one-day workshop with Christine that I really understood the sales tips and was able to see the bigger picture.

During the workshop, subjects such as your mindset and the structure of the sales conversation were discussed, as well as many practical examples on how to respond in certain situations and which questions are best to ask. During the workshop, I not only had a lot of fun, I also experienced a number of ‘aha’ moments that made me realise that I would really change my way of selling and advising. I was immediately able to put that into practice the next day. The result is that I now really have more fun selling our programmes and that I also get better results. I recently also had the pleasure of doing Christine’s online workshop on dealing with complaints. Once again, I was impressed with her workshop and her way of coaching. Many thanks for 2 effective workshops that have helped me tremendously.’

Alexandra Dearborn, Site Manager EF Education Duitsland


‘Christine’s workshops are great. I would like to comment on that! One of my team members was new to the sales team and had some difficulties getting started. After about 3 months she followed a workshop by Christine. During the workshop, she already sent a number of short messages with texts such as ‘extremely motivating’, and ‘the motivation to sell is only increasing.’

The week after the workshop, this employee closed a great sale! She has adjusted a number of things in her sales strategy, including her attitude and mindset. It was great to see how she put, what she had learned, into practice. The weeks after the workshop, she started to feel much more confident and she now dares to ask for the business. She has really discovered that sales is fun.’

asper van Ommen, Relatiemanager Merces BV


‘I’ve had the privilege of doing a coaching project with Christine. The process was intensive, confrontational and incredibly instructive. Christine gave me (personal) insights that made me look at sales in a more relaxed manner. It was time well spent. I can wholeheartedly recommend her if you need a boost in your sales skills.’

Klaasje Oosterloo, oprichter Zorgzorro

‘In December 2017, I got an individual tailor-made training from Christine Coenen. A day that was inspiring and effective, because I and my business received full attention. During a training with multiple participants it is not possible to intensively zoom into your business and your sales techniques.

The tools that I received this training have already resulted in an extension of an assignment that had just begun. Christine, thank you for this inspiring training!

You will definitely get the Fun in Sales by purchasing a tailor-made training.

Ralf Smids, interimmanager Koraal


‘I followed Christine’s sales training. She has an inspiring and engaging way of training. Well, I did not sell myself that well. I am good at my job as an interim manager, but selling myself? No idea…

The eyeopeners were amazingly simple, your potential client needs something and I … I can deliver that. So the thought ‘I have to score, I have to get the sales’ I can now let go of!

I now work from the believe, ‘they really need me and I can help them’. This makes me much more confident about the conversation.

Now I have been offered a follow-up assignment with my current client. Normally I would think YES, and immediately start. Now I first started the conversation about the content of the assignment, I explained what I have to offer in this and what this will cost.

Result: a great assignment at a competitive rate with good conditions.

Christine Coenen, you really are a topper,

Christine Coenen, you really are a topper. You keep it very simple. You helped me to get rid of my fear of selling and showed me that believing in yourself, knowing what you are worth and what you have to offer is a far more succesful way to talk to potential customers.

Thank you christine you are worth your weight in gold!’