‘I followed Christine’s sales training. She has an inspiring and engaging way of training. Well, I did not sell myself that well. I am good at my job as an interim manager, but selling myself? No idea…

The eyeopeners were amazingly simple, your potential client needs something and I … I can deliver that. So the thought ‘I have to score, I have to get the sales’ I can now let go of!

I now work from the believe, ‘they really need me and I can help them’. This makes me much more confident about the conversation.

Now I have been offered a follow-up assignment with my current client. Normally I would think YES, and immediately start. Now I first started the conversation about the content of the assignment, I explained what I have to offer in this and what this will cost.

Result: a great assignment at a competitive rate with good conditions.

Christine Coenen, you really are a topper,

Christine Coenen, you really are a topper. You keep it very simple. You helped me to get rid of my fear of selling and showed me that believing in yourself, knowing what you are worth and what you have to offer is a far more succesful way to talk to potential customers.

Thank you christine you are worth your weight in gold!’

Ralf Smids, interim manager Koraal